Transnational Project Meeting, Germany

In June 2022, project coordinator Prof. Dr. Maike Schindler hosted a Transnational Project Meeting at the University of Cologne.  The project partners Prof. Dr. Demetra Pitta-Pantazi and Prof. Dr. Constantinos Christou from the University of Cyprus and project partner Prof. Dr. Achim J. Lilienthal and Han Fan from Örebro University together with Lukas Baumanns joined the Transnational Project Meeting. This Transnational Project Meeting focused on evaluating the progress and results of the main study. In addition, the data analysis and according activities of the project partners for the upcoming project year were discussed. This included the analysis of eye-tracking data as well as machine learning-based analysis of App data. Furthermore, the refinement and further development of the DIDUNAS App and according next steps were discussed.

From left to right: Han Fan, Prof. Dr. Achim J. Lilienthal, Prof. Dr. Maike Schindler, Lukas Baumanns, and Prof. Dr. Constantinos Christou. Participant in the meeting, but not pictured, is Prof. Dr. Demetra Pitta-Pantazi.